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Safety is our top priority at AwesomeClouds.Com. We believe that transparency is the key to allowing you to decide if our e-liquid is up to your standards.

All of our liquid is handled in a sterile evnironment, dedicated to this purpose. We take great care to ensure that your liquid contains exactly what it's supposed to contain. Nothing more, nothing less.

Before any nicotine is used, it is tested for proper nicotine content. Every batch of concentrated nicotine is tested using the methods described here.

In addition to verified, concentrated nicotine, we use only Propylene Glycol, USP, Glycerin, USP, and flavoring.

The Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine we use is U.S. FDA graded USP, which means it is suitable for pharmaceutical use. When we open the container to make your liquid, it is no longer considered USP grade. That's why it doesn't say "USP" anywhere on our list of ingredients.

Our flavorings are sourced from the most reputable flavor concentrate companies around. Each company is aware of the vaping community and its unique needs. There are a couple of molecules (commonly referred to as "diacytels") which are routinely used in flavoring which are not suitable for inhalation in large doses. WE DO NOT USE any of the flavorings which contain these molecules, in any dose, according to the manufacturers of the flavorings. To do so would be irresponsible, despite the flavors one can acheive using them!

Once the liquids have been mixed, they are moved to glass bottles to age and await your order. Glass is the safest vessel in which to store liquids for human consumption, as there is no chance of chemicals being leached from it, which is a VERY small risk when using plastic bottles. (Note: Our sample size bottles are HDPE plastic, which is as safe as plastic bottles can be)

These glass bottles are then capped with a child resistant cap. Every bottle ordered also comes with a glass dropper top, but we recommend using the child resistant top at all times.

It is said that a tightly sealed, glass bottle of e-liquid stored in the freezer will maintain its flavor and nicotine level for up to 10 years. However, we have no way of verifying that statement!

If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding our safety practices, PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact us.

Age Verification

In order to use our products or view this site, you must be at least 18 years of age, or of legal smoking age in your jurisdiction, whichever is greatest.

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