Welcome to Awesome Clouds!

Here at AwesomeClouds.Com, we believe it is important to offer an e-liquid that is consistent, tastes great, and is as safe as possible.

Our liquids are made in batches, well before you order them. This accomplishes three things.

  1. Bigger batches mean better consistency. When trying to add flavoring to a small amount of liquid, there is VERY little room for error.
  2. Making liquid ahead of time allows for a proper "steep". It takes a week or so (sometimes longer) for the ingredients to properly "marry together". By making the liquid in advance, it has had time to mingle, which allows for better taste as soon as you open the bottle!
  3. Bottling in advance means we can rush an order out to you as quickly as possible. Most orders ship the same or next day! If there is a delay, you WILL be contacted.

You'll also notice that we don't offer a huge number of flavors. You could say this is a drawback to making liquid in advance, but we believe it is very important that each flavor be formulated, tested, and perfected before we offer it for sale. We will only sell flavors that are true to their name, and only after we have found the perfect ratios to deliver an excellent product. As a result, we will be adding flavors only When they are ready. You can expect to see flavors added at a rate of 3-5 per month. Not every flavor will be to every person's individual taste, but if the label says "Peach", you can bet that it will taste like peaches!

Finally, we take safety VERY seriously here at AwesomeClouds.Com. Please take a look at our safety policies for more information.

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